I think most people struggle with their relationship with food, not necessarily what they are eating. You can diet all you want, but if your thoughts are consumed with food and you focus on bad/good, I don’t think you’ll have success long term.

I focus on making my high fat/restaurant style foods with my favorite vegetables. Why? It satisfies my craving for eating out until I treat myself to a night out. It’s called balance.

Insert turnips- this fits into my current meal plan (Cheese and all). These remind me of a cheese fries plate at Harbells. Kolby Kallweit and I have eaten this every day since Thursday with no plans to stop. 😂

I slice up turnips into fry shape, add some garlic and Parmesan and put them in the oven on 400 for about 45 minutes. I put these crispy things over grilled chicken and add some sharp cheddar on top. 🙌🏼🙌🏼


Try it out! You’d be surprised the consistently is even the same as fries! 🙌🏼Now… if I could just find some McDonald’s fry seasoning I’d be set.

A couple of ways we’ve tried (and enjoyed turnip fries).

Here are my tips to make these successful. 

  • First, pre-heat the oven between 350-400. This all depends on your preference.
  • Slice turnips into fry shapes and add your favorite seasoning. Some of the seasonings we have used are garlic and parmesan, fajita, or even just salt and pepper.
  • Put the sliced turnip slices along with any other sides such as cheese and chicken on parchment paper after you spray with avocado oil spray or some type to keep fries from sticking.
  • Once the oven is pre-heated, set Timer for 45 Minutes and put those sliced turnip in!
  • Lastly, turn the fries halfway through. This step doesn’t make or break the recipe but my preference is to flip them. Once your 45 minutes is up, Enjoy

Turnip fries are a new staple when we are craving fries plate from our favorite bar food menu. 

Hope you enjoy it! Tag me on IG @karilikesorry if you make these! 😂